FENG SHUI/transcript

(btw: I am in the middle of season 2. So sorry if the episode doesn't relate perfectly to the end of the series :/)

==Storylines ==

A huntsgirl is slaying numerous amounts of dragons in a magmatic setting of molten rock.

Huntsman sits on his thrown with his golden crown, looking very arrogant and merciless.

Huntsgirl continues to slaughter dragons while jumping through the air, making loud grunting noises.

Huntsman cackles!: Well done, huntsgirl. You have nearly executed my plan. But to truly take over our realm and end all existence of dragons is to slay the one and only, American Dragon!

The huntsgirl takes off her mask and it's Rose: I understand, Huntsmaster,

Huntsmen drag in Jake in his dragon form surprised: Huh?

Theme song

Jake is sleeping in his bed, in pajamas, with his legs bent and hands folded, as his facial expression changes from harmonic to distressed. He rolls over, still sleeping with eyes closed.

Jake wakes up and sits on his bed extremely paranoid: Ahh! (sadly) Rose...

Jake's alarm clock goes off as he smacks the top of it.

Jake with bedhead hair brushes his teeth unhappily as Haley butts in the bathroom brushing hers.

Haley spits: Jake, Grandpa wants to see you.

Jake's head turns to a dragon as he chars the toothbrush

Jake: Tell mom to pick up some steel toothbrushes. Or at least flame resistant ones.

Haley's head turns into a dragon and she singes hers: Will do!

Jake walks down to the cellar

Grandpa: Jaaake. So glad you could come before school started.

Jake: Yeah, this early in the morning! What's the biz, G? I gotta dash soon.

Fu Dog: You've got plenty of time, kid. But what we're gonna tell you now is very important.

Jake: More important than getting my groove on?

Grandpa: Far more important.

Jake takes a view of the place being all spacious: What's with moving the furniture? You installing a new flat screen TV down here or somethin!

Fu Dog (giggles): No, kid. Gramps wants to set up some feng shui around here.

Jake: Feng Shi? Is that one of your girls you were digging back in high school?

Fu (whistles): That's a story to be told another day.

Grandpa: No, Jake. Feng Shui is rearranging your furniture a certain way to bring you good karma, or as they say in Chinese, Yin & Yang.

Fu Dog: It was a Confucious thing. Or maybe on a late night talk show. I can't remember.

Grandpa: I’d appreciate the help, Jake.

Jake: Fine but I gotta get going. I got ladies to impress at school.

Fu: Ladies? I thought you were still hung up on Rose. You know,(with blonde wig and blue eyes) long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, I used to know a pooch like that. (giggles and blushes)

Jake: We come from two different worlds. Totally outta my memory.

Fu: You sure about that?

Grandpa: Jake, help move that sofa! Let’s get going! Chop, chop, you two!

Jake: Sure, I’m sure, Fu.

Jake has his arm under the couch and breaks a small bottle with pink powder in it which puffs into smoke.

Jake: Uh, Grandpa…

Fu Dog: Yo Jake, you better get running fast. You’re about to miss your bus.

Jake runs off: Huh. Seeya, G! Fu!

Grandpa walks by the couch: So much for his assistance. Huh. What is this?

Grandpa picks up the bottle.

Fu Dog: Hmm. Looks like an ordinary potion to me. Let’s check it out.

Fu swipes for it.

Grandpa: Fu! This potion is composed of the serum of an ancient carnivorous plant. Legend states that whoever breaks the bottle is jinxed with a curse!

Fu Dog: Oh dear, Jake’s got himself into one pickle.

Fu Dog eats a pickle out of a jar (mouth full): Wanna try one?

Grandpa: The Feng Shui! It’s bad karma, bad mojo! I can sense it! Take it down!

Fu and Grandpa panic making a mess of the place

On the bus.

Trixie sits next to Spud with her bagged lunch

Spud: Hey Trix, so I was thinking, maybe if you’re not doing anything tomorrow night, we could…

Trixie: Where is Jake?

Spud: Jake? I don’t know. He—

Trixie: He owes me five dollas from last week! I had to bring my bagged lunch to school. How crackalackin is that?

Spud: Speaking of lunch, I brought a bagged lunch too…yeah.

Trixie sighs and rolls her eyes but then smiles.


Jake missed the bus: Awww man!

Bus drives away

Jake runs up waving his arms: Hey! It’s me! The AmDrag!

Spud sees green hair bouncing outside the bus’s window: Hey, that looks like Jake’s green hair….Jake!

Spud stands up and looks out the window.

Trixie is listening to pop music on her earbuds singing, eating candy.

Jake: That’s alright. I can just use my dragon powers. Dragon up!

Jake turns into his dragon form and begins to fly when it all of the sudden downpours.

Jake arrives at his school in his father’s car.

Jake (miserable): Thanks, dad.

Jonathan Long ("Mr. Long"): Hope you have a splendid day, Sunny Boy!

Pretty popular girls walk by.

Mr. Long: Howdie you lovely ladies! That’s my son, Jake! He’s a real keeper!

Popular girls laugh simultaneously.

Jake growls.

Jake at his locker

Trixie and Spud walk up to Jake’s locker

Trixie: Mmm-hmmm. Where were you, Jakey!? You don’t show up and you forgot to pay me back. What’s all that about?

Spud: Yeah, dude, you missed like the first 3 periods of class.

Jake: Just got caught up…guess it’s been an off today.

Trixie: Must’ve.

Jake walks down the hallway and drops his books.

He picks them up and looks up to see Rose.

Jake: Rose! You’re back!

In reality, it’s a teenage girl with long straight brown hair and lots of pimples (slow, masculine voice): I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Sara and Kara walk the halls.

Sara (negative instead of positive): Oh, it's you again.

Kara (positive instead of negative): Hey Jake! Nice bookbag.

Jake: Oh no! They're opposite! This must mean bad luck!

Kara (negative again): What do you mean? This has happened before.

Sara (positive again): We can snap out of it! Just like that! (snaps)

Jake: I need you to predict my future!

Sara: Mmm-ooh-a-ooh. Not liking the sound of that. Sorry Jake but it looks like you're gonna have a bad day today. Sucker? (gives Jake a sucker)

Jake (disappointed): Thanks...

Kara: Oh wait, I see it picking up...wait no mixed. Anyways I feel like watching re-runs of Teen Titans.

Sara: me too!

Bell rings--

Trixie, Spud, and Jake get in class.

Spud: Uhh Jake…what was that?

Jake: I don’t know. My day’s been outta whack today.

Rose: Rose? Puh-lease. She wouldn’t look like Rose if you dressed her up and put her in a beauty pageant.

Jake sees the Huntsman in all his glory cackling in the magmatic background

Hans Rotwood approaches Jake: Jaa-ke. Jaa-ke. Mr. Long!

Jake abruptly snaps back into reality: Huh?

Mr. Rotwood: Do I look funny to you? Am I not speaking English?

Spud: Uhh..kinda.

Hans Rotwood smacks pointer on Spud’s desk: Enough! Now, as I was saying.

Jake daydreams and then burps flames onto a stack of papers on his desk.

Rotwood: The F’s stand for failure! Not fire! Say…fire…

Spud: I was just carrying a light bulb around! I needed it for English class. To ummm describe how brilliant I am.

Rotwood: Hmmm. Spudinski…

The bell rings

Jake tosses the burnt papers in his book bag and leaves

Rotwood gets on school’s landline: This is Hans…uh-huh….uh-huh. I think I have just discovered…The American Dragon!

Jake passes by the hallway

Rotwood sticks his head out (faking being nice, tight clenched voice): Umm Jake. Would you mind staying after a few minutes?

Jake: Uh sure, teach! Whatcha wanna “address“to me now?

Rotwood: Well….I’ve been thinking…with your grades and all….if you’d wanna do some extra credit? (snickers)

Jake: Nah teach. I’ll just head home and have a chill sesh with my fam.

Rotwood: I think you should.

Jake: What if I don’t?

Rotwood: Then you’ll fail the class and have to spend another year with yours truly.

Jake: It’s a done deal! What’s the assignment? I’m sure I can handle it!

Rotwood: Arrive in the park at midnight….you’ll know what to do from there.


In shop

Grandpa: What!? Jake, this is insane! Going to the park at midnight! That’s absurd.

Fu Dog: Gramps has a point. I meant what does he expect you to do? Feel the mildew with your bare feet?

Jake: He said it’s a science experiment. I’ll roll with that!

Gramps: Hmm.

Fu: Want us to come for backup?

Jake: I got it covered. It’s always good with the AmDrag!

Gramps: Ohh. Just be careful. It could be a trap!

Jake: Have a little faith in me, G! I got this!

Jake takes his skateboard and takes off.

Fu Dog: Shall we look through the crystal ball thingy? A-goo!

Grandpa: My thoughts exactly.

Mrs. Long comes in: Hey, have either of you seen Jake? He’s late for supper.

Grandpa: Oh. I don’t know where he went. Friends?

Fu: Nowhere to be seen.

Mrs. Long: What are you two up to?

Grandpa: Right this way…

Grandpa directs his daughter to the corner of the room.

Grandpa: Please…in the closet.

Mrs. Long walks in as Gramps shuts the door

Fu: Good to go.

Mrs. Long: I can still hear you!

Jake arrives in the park

Jake: Hello? Rotwood? Anybody here?

Huntsman behind a tree: He’s here. The American Dragon! Just what we’ve been waiting for…

Jake: Experiment nothing. He just wanted me to show up here in the middle of the night, so I won’t be rested for school in the morning, so I’ll screw up again! I’m on to you, Rotwood. Or…is he on to me? Dragon up!

Huntsman: Huntsmen, Attack!

Multiple huntsmen lunge at Jake and fight him, as Jake battles them off!

Jake knocks all of them out!

Another wave of henchmen come

Rose runs up to Jake

Jake: Rose!

Rose (whispers): Take him out. You and me both.

Jake as a dragon flies with Rose on his back and Rose takes her staff and jabs the wooden part of it into his stomach and steals his crown.

Jake flies Rose to the river, father off…

Fu Dog (tearing up): Atta boy!

Grandpa (tearing up): That’s my grandson! He’s growing up so fast!

Mrs. Long: What!?-What about my son? I deserve-no demand to know! (whines like Haley) Daddy!

Rose and Jake by river

Jake: Wow Rose…we’re together at last. Where we’re meant to be.

Rose: Oh Jake (blushes and giggles) You’re my king.

Rose puts the crown on Jake and kisses Jake on the check as he blushes.

Jake and Rose lean in for a kiss under the moonlight.

Trixie pulls herself to Spud’s chest closely: Oh Spuddy Buddy, you know I can’t resist you. (Trixie pulls his shirt and kisses him).

Spud: Wow Trix, that was like…hot! Again!

Rose puts her head on Jake’s shoulder as the look over the lake and fireworks go off.


For one of my best friends on wikia, Crysta! <3 Happy birthday, sis!

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