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    FENG SHUI/transcript

    (btw: I am in the middle of season 2. So sorry if the episode doesn't relate perfectly to the end of the series :/)

    ==Storylines ==

    A huntsgirl is slaying numerous amounts of dragons in a magmatic setting of molten rock.

    Huntsman sits on his thrown with his golden crown, looking very arrogant and merciless.

    Huntsgirl continues to slaughter dragons while jumping through the air, making loud grunting noises.

    Huntsman cackles!: Well done, huntsgirl. You have nearly executed my plan. But to truly take over our realm and end all existence of dragons is to slay the one and only, American Dragon!

    The huntsgirl takes off her mask and it's Rose: I understand, Huntsmaster,

    Huntsmen drag in Jake in his dragon form surprised: Huh?

    Theme son…

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