The Long Weekend
S1E10 - The Jersey Devil prominition
Season: 1
Production code: 112
Story by:
Wendy Grieb
Dave Knott
Written by:
Jim Peronto
Directed by:
Laura McCreary
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 1, 2005
DVD Releases:
it is not on dvd
iTunes Release:   buy now
The Long Weekend[1][2]


Somewhere in New Jersey at 10:13 PM, two magical fairies called sprites were heading back to their village when a strange roar was heard in the woods. A strange cryptid was looking for the sprites. The sprites hid in the bushes. The legendary cryptid opened the bushes with its strange moose hooves and attacked the two sprites.

Meanwhile, Jake, Trixie, Spud, and Jonathan were going on a camping trip, while Haley and Susan were going on their own trip to a spa. Unfortunately, Haley and her mother accidentally boarded the wrong bus, and things did not go well for them after that. After Jake and company reached the campsite, Jake set up camp for Jonathan.

At night, they all ate s'mores and Jonathan went to sleep in his tent. A male sprite arrived and told Jake, Trixie, and Spud to come with him to show their village. At the village, two elder sprites said the stars revealed that every one hundred years, a great evil returned to attack their village for seven nights. The Jersey Devil would raid their supplies and pillage their food stores, leaving them to starve during the winter nights. However, the stars had also foretold that every one hundred years, a great hero arose to defeat the Jersey Devil and save their village. A roar was suddenly heard in the woods, and a moose-like creature with long horns, eagle wings, and a lion's tail charged and attacked the sprite village. Fortunately, Jake hit the cryptid's nose and it ran away, screeching like a dog.

The stars said that the Jersey Devil would return for seven nights unless Jake stopped it. Later that night, The Jersey Devil returned and fought Jake. Jake told Jersey Devil to stop attacking sprite village but it refused, knocking out Jake. Unfortunately, the cryptid destroyed the camp area. Jake almost fell off a cliff after being chased by the cryptid, until Jonathan arrived wearing a loincloth. The Jersey Devil was sprayed by bear spray and caught in a fishing net. The cryptid then fell off the cliff and died, ending his malice for good. Jonathan saved Jake, and Trixie and Spud arrived. Jake then made up with his father. 

The next day, after the sprite village was saved, Jake and company packed their things and headed back to New York. Haley and her mother returned home as well, and then grabbed and ate some of Spud's s'mores. Jake and Jonathan looked confused about their hunger for the s'mores.


  • This is the thirteenth episode of season one and the twelfth episode overall.
  • It would seem odd that the boot camp people wouldn't be interested that Haley was able to fly over the fence.



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