The Hunted
Number 21
Season 1
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The Hunted


After previously learning that Rose is in fact the Huntsgirl, Jake is unsure about his relationship with her.

Later on, he falls for a trap set by the Huntsclan and ends up chained with Reggie, a Brownie with anger management problems, Silver, a very smart mermaid with the fear of water, Bertha, a giant with smelly feet, and Clooney, the very unlucky leprechaun.

They are the the prisoners at the Huntsclan camp, but they managed to escape, but they are stuck to each other with chain made of unicorn horn which is almost impossible to break. They come up of a plan by tricking the Hunsclan into shooting at them and breaking the chains.

Jake then goes out to lead the Hunsclan away and ends up getting caught. Reggie, Silver, Bertha, and Clooney come to the rescue, saving Jake, however Jake gets caught again by Rose who tries to slay the American Dragon, but he then reveals he is actually Jake, which made Rose break his chain and retreat.

On the next day, Jake goes to talk to Rose about what happened, he finds out Rose had transferred out of the school.


  • This is the 24th episode of Season One.