The Egg
The Egg (6)
Season: 1
Production code: 106
Story by:
Steve Lewis
Written by:
Elijah Aron
Directed by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
March 25, 2005
Paired with
The Heist
DVD Releases:
it is not on dvd
iTunes Release:   buy now
"The Egg"[1][2] is the first segment of the eighth episode of season one and the sixth episode overall.


Jake, Trixie, and Spud received an assignment to take care of an egg and act as if it was their own their kids. But Jake had another assignment. He was to take care of a Griffin egg.

Fu Dog went with him to take care of the Griffin egg, but as always, the Huntsman and Huntsgirl stole it. Jake grabbed Fu Dog and flew to the Huntsman, where they started fighting on the hoverboard. While fighting the egg got dropped. Fu Dog tried to catch it but he missed. Jake and Fu lept down and landed on a playground. They found the egg but right on top of them was the Huntsgirl.

Jake and Fu ran into a kitchen to hide. But the chef needed an egg for an Omelet for a special person and grabbed the egg. Jake and Fu Dog then ran into a fair, with the Huntsman and Huntsgirl close behind them. Jake and Fu Dog went to a peanut butter factory where chocolate eggs were made and filled with peanut butter. Of course the egg fell in and got mixed up with the rest.

The Huntsman and Huntsgirl were forced to retreat, leaving Jake and Fu Dog licking eggs to find the Griffin one. When they found it they are all very full from the candy. Picking up the egg to fly back, the Huntsman once again appeared to try and grab it, but again it fell out of their hands, this time it falling in Spud's backpack, forcing the assignment egg to fall on the floor. Which everyone believed to be the Griffin egg.

When Jake and Fu Dog inspect the egg they found out it was the one for the assignment. So Jake went to retrieve the real egg. Finally they gave it back to the mother Griffin just before it hatched, but the mother swallowed the baby griffin whole. Jake was disgusted, Fu Dog informed him that griffin mothers do that as a way to protect their young by keeping them inside their stomachs until older.


  • When Huntsgirl and the Huntsman leave after the egg had been scrambled, Huntsgirl doesn't have her glove on.




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