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The Academy
WiiiiiIIII xDxP
Jake and Spud as Huntsboys #88 and #89
Season: 2
Production code: 024
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 1, 2006

The Academy is episode 3 of season 2 in the Disney Channel Original Series American Dragon: Jake Long.



Rose (Huntsgirl) and Huntsman

Jake wanted to find Rose. After Kara and Sara arrived at Gramps shop and told Jake's friends and Gramps the Huntsclan are up to something. Jake, Spud, Lao Shi, Fu, and Trixie went to the closest Huntsclan teleportion platform that brings creatures from another dimension. Spud brought a small black cat. But the cat turned into a cat creature with 2 mouths and 8 hairy tentacules with tipped claws. The Octopuss was destroyed and it shows 2 Huntsboys brought it. Jake and Lao Shi turned into dragons and scared the Huntsboys. The Huntsboys were knocked out and were taken to the Shop and Fu put them into a blue cage. Their names were 88 and 89. Jake and Spud disguised themselves as the members of the Huntsclan.

After Jake and Spud found Rose, they had to find a way to get out of the Hunts lair. 88 and 89 escaped out of the blue cage after they had their drinks, french fries, burgers, and playing video games, but Fu wasn't looking. Jake and Spud had lunch. A Female Huntsclan member named #18 was dating Spud, but Spud was getting shy about talking about the dragons with her. After Science was destroyed, Huntsman send Jake and Spud into a huge cage arena. The side of another cage released a Cryptid creature. It was a Kraken and it looked like a Giant Fish-like Beast instead of a giant squid. Huntsgirl (Rose) destroyed the light to make it dark for Jake to turn into the dragon and defeat the Kraken. Jake succeded wrapping the Giant Kraken with chain and hung it. The lights were turned off and the Hutnsclan members saw Spud panicing and he saw the Kraken hangging and they
all cheered for Spud. The Kraken was possibly unwrapped and was send back in his cage with dinner. It was dinner time with Mash Potatoes, Griffin Legs, and Green Slime. After #18 was fighting another female Huntsclan member, Jake and Spud escaped with Rose. Unfochunatly the real 88 and 89 arrived and the Huntsman ambushed Jake. Spud put the 42 sticker on his shirt and put the 89 sticker on #42. Spud was pretending to be #42 and told the huntsclan members to seize the real #42. The huntsclan members captured the real #42.

Jake was sent into the dungeon and Rose was told to slay him. Rose succeded slain Jake, but Jake dranked a purple potion that makes dragons tempuarly be dead. Rose, Jake, and Spud escaped and went to the dance party. Rose warned Jake that they can't see each other so much. During the credits, 88 and 89 were in a zoo cage and they made funny sounds and made people laugh.



Lao Shi








Huntsboy 89

Huntsgirl 18

Huntsboy 88

Huntsgirl 23 also known as Huntsgirl 32

Huntsboy 42

other Huntsclan members

Sara and Kara (Oracles)


When Rose (as Huntsgirl) was giving a lecture on the weakpoints of dragons, she claims that dragon-skin is mostly armor-like and the best spot to aim is their "soft-squishy-underbellies", which the disguised Jake mostly objects to by saying it's "muscle-weight". Actually, there are some old legends and novels that claim that (if not a tad higher to the heart) actually worked. Rose also claimed there is another weakspot dragons have and used that as a pop quiz at the Academy. The disguised Spud intusiasticly answers (much to Jake's annoyance) that it's behind the ears, the left one preferably "which is why they are such babies when you flich them there... er, at least that's what i read in books and stuff." The behing-the-ear weakness might be a spoof on the earlier made movie "Mulan", in which the little dragon Mushu, in his frustrated failure to awaken the Great Stone Dragon, accedentially reduces the whole statue to rubble just by knocking off one of the ears... although, in "Stony's" case, it was the right ear, not the left.

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