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Susan Long

The Legend of Dragon Tooth (3)

Created By
Jeff Goode
Voiced By:
Lauren Tom[1][2]
Date of Birth:
Hair and Eye Color:
First Appearance:

Susan Long[3][4], née Luong, is a dragon who appears as a Chinese woman. She is Jake and Haley's mother, daughter of the previous Chinese Dragon Lao Shi, and Jonathan's wife.


Although descended from a supposedly pure bloodline of Chinese dragons, she herself does not possess any dragon powers because it skipped her generation as sometimes will, and thus is locked in human form. She owns her own catering service which has been known to service premiere events such as the televised wedding of famous soap opera stars Thad Rochefort-Chaise and Jasma Sancere[5].

Ever since twelfth-grade in high school, Susan kept secret from Jonathan the truth about her family of "magical reptiles", having been reluctant to reveal it to him while trying to work up the courage to tell him that magical creatures are real out of fear of how he would react –that he would freak out and possibly leave her, which he nearly did[6]. Jake learned that she had written a letter while they were dating, explaining her family's dragon heritage, but had never given it to him. Using time travel, Jake took the note and put it in his father's locker, causing him to actually leave her until Jake could straighten everything up. She's been trying to work her way to tell him that magical creatures are real.

She was finally forced to reveal everything to Jonathan after he accidentally walked in on Haley in dragon-form[7]. Not only did he take it well, much to Susan's relief, but he immediately proceeded to help Jake after discovering the trouble they were in. Susan took part in the final battle with the Dark Dragon, the first and only time in the series she participated in a battle, destroying some of the Shade Demons with a camera flash.

Episode Appearances

Season One

Season Two


  • In Season 2, Susan's nail polish kept appearing and disappearing whenever her hands were seen.
  • Susan is shown to hate Mr. Rotwood because of two episodes.
    • Jake used his shapeshifting powers to turn into Rotwood and made it look like he was a nut[8].
    • Susan attacked Rotwood, believing him to be insane[9].
  • She along with all the characters from season 1, was given a makeover in season 2 which is more sterner than her first season debut.


Susan Long/Gallery


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