Caldrons, wands
Enable to reproduce powers

Spellcasting is the power to use magic through words, sometimes in rhymes but also possible in other languages. It's a basic power of magical creatures though few actually develop it deeply.

Spells can cause many effects, both harmful and helpful. The languages of spells vary and can be in English, Latin, a mixure of English and Latino and any other kind of language such as Portuguese. [citation needed] Other spells are merely the mixure of ingredients to increase the magical potiental but can cause the same effects of spoken spells.

Specific group

In the two seasons that American Dragon lasted, there are have been shown various ways of using spells. Each way is equally powerful but sometimes is restricted to a specific group.

Potion Spells

Potion Spells are spells in liquid form. These brewages possess magical properties that enable the magical creature to reproduce a great deal of magical acts. These kind of spells is used by Animal Guardians and Witches and usualy don't require speaking.

It centers around gathering ingredients with mystic properties and join them together to form the potion. Once done the potion must be drunk or thrown to work depending on the kind of spell.

Wand Spells

Used by Wizards, wand spells are spoken spells through a mixure of english and latin. Wand Spells can sent blasts of energy, create hands of magical energy, teleportation and conjuring minions to fight in the name of the Wizard.

Ritual Spells


Chang using a spell through a ritual

Ritual Spells are spells of complex nature that sometimes need decorative tools and specific symbols. The only ritual performed was the Ressurection Spell cast by Chang to bring back the Dark Dragon. This spell needed a circle of rocks put around a bonfire and demanded few ingredients. One of the key ingredients is the Chi of the American Dragon.

List of Users

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