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Siren Says


Hoping to get back into the realm of dating, Jake enters a bachelor auction at his school. When two girls—the pretty Danika Hunnicutt and the sci-fi nerdy Vicky Fickling—compete in bids for him, he rigged the event to have the pretty one win. His skin-deep perception was criticized as Trixie, Spud, Grandpa and Fu Dog tried to convince Jake that Danika was a siren bent on his destruction because he displayed hypnotic behavior around her which leds him into increasingly dangerous situations.

It turned out that the pretty Danika was the normal human and the plain Vicky was the Siren, but Jake’s behavior ruined his relationship with the pretty girl while Trixie defeated the Siren. Trixie became uncomfortable when Vicky said it was easy to fool everyone into thinking Danika was the monster, since people always think that Sirens are supposed to be beautiful, as she realized she fell into the same trap of making presumptions based upon looks.


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