Shaniqua Chulavista

Legend of the Dragon Tooth (82)

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Shaniqua Chulavista[3][4] is a renowned pop star among teenagers.

Physical Appearance

Shaniqua is a tan-skinned woman with long, black hair. Her pop star attire is composed of a pink belly button shirt with loose sleeves and a pair of blue short shorts. She also wears white knee-high boots with pink straps, two bracelets on her right wrist, two large earrings and a pendant around her neck.


From what is shown in the show, Shaniqua is an all-around cool woman. She enjoys her time onstage as well as her fans, whomever they may be. Even the over-exaggerated enthusiasm of her fans does not affect her mood. She's always seen with a smile on her face.

After her concert, Shaniqua somehow meets Trixie and Spud and gives them a ride home in her limousine, acting chummy with them and offering sparkling cider.

Hip-Hop Career

Shaniqua is a very popular pop idol amongst teenagers. Her latest hit is titled Baby, Don't Be Frontin'[5]. She's the main attraction of NYC's 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Video Awards, and plays at the ceremony's finale. Her number is even broadcast on several TV screens in the streets of New York City.


  • (singing) "Baby, don't be frontin'..."



  • Shaniqua's name is a spoof of a real-life pop star, Shakira.
  • Real-life pop stars Little-T and One Track Mike had a hit single titled Shaniqua in 2001.
  • The term "shaniqua" is also used in slang to describe a girl (often an African-American) originating from the inner city.
  • Shaniqua's concept artwork has her with a slightly darker skin-tone than the one she actually has in the show.
  • Jake has a poster of Shaniqua in his school locker and apparently has a pop star crush on her.
  • Shaniqua is never heard talking at all in the entire series, but does sing a few verse of her hit single.
  • Trixie managed to get tickets to Shaniqua's concert through her cousin Lawanda who plays volleyball with the guy that brings bagels to the woman that does the sound check of the Hip-Hop Video Awards.
  • Jake uses a giant TV screen broadcasting Shaniqua's concert to defeat Dr. Diente.



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