Pixies are extremely tiny human-shaped beings with insect wings. They are so small that they can fit in the palm of someone's hand.


Not all Pixies are female, but those are the ones that always seem to get on TV. Though very diminutive, Pixies are not to be trifled with...because they will "mess" you up. They have a very weird scream when they get kidnapped.

Two evil Goblins captured a female Pixie while Trixie, Spud, and Fu Dog were minding Gramps's shop while he was away[1].

Spud tried helping a Pixie in trouble[2]. Jake told Spud to be careful with the Pixie because she was a little riled up. Spud told the Pixie not to worry, but the Pixie bit his finger. Spud then tried shaking the Pixie off, but Jake told Spud to watch it because if Spud shook the Pixie too much, she'd get sick.

Two Pixies laughed at Haley when she farted fire out of her butt[3].


  • The Disney character Tinkerbell is perhaps the world's most famous Pixie.


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