Old School Training
Jake and Rose meet
Season: 1
Production code: 101
Story by:
Dave Filoni
Steve Lewis
Written by:
Eddie Guzelian
Directed by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
January 21, 2005
DVD Releases:
it is not on dvd
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Jake gets fed up when Grandpa puts him through a series of disgusting and seemingly pointless training exercises. But when Grandpa is caught by the Huntsman and Huntsgirl, Jake must use the "pointless" training to confront them and save the day.


On a rooftop, Luong Lao Shi, better addressed as Gramps showed to Jake the landscape of New York City and told him that it was his responsibility to protect all magical creatures living within it. Fu Dog told Jake that if he can make it on NYC he can make it anywhere, but Gramps warned that Jake had to master his dragon powers first. Jake attempted to show off his skills and shapeshifted into a dragon and hovered above them. As Jake grabbed about himself he unwillingly returned to his human form and nearly fell to his death.

Later, in Central Park, Lao Shi continued on with his lesson. Gramps warned Jake that he must obey him without hesitation and Jake promised to do that. At that moment, Fu tracked the smell of the Huntsman and Jake realized he was after the unicorns. The group soon found the Huntsman hiding in the bushes, prepared to slay the mythical horses and Gramps said that Jake must do this fight alone.

Jake shapeshifted his head and prepared to breath fire at the Huntsman, but the fire came from the wrong end! As Jake apologized he realized his pants were on fire and rushed to the river to put the fire down, revealed himself to the Huntsman. Jake transformed the rest of his body into dragon form and prepared to take battle. But then a new fighter appeared - Huntsgirl- and the two battled, but due to his inexperience Jake was easily defeated. Gramps created a wall of fire, saved Jake and forced the Huntsclan to retreat. Gramps said that he needed more training and told him to go to the rooftop after class in the next day.

Next day, at Millard Fillmore Middle School, Jake was at his mythology class that was given by Hans Rotwood- a human scientist who believed in the existence of magical creatures. Hans gave to the class info that presumed that magical creatures exist but Trixie Carter claimed that they don't exist. After school, Spud and Trixie tried to bring Jake to skateboarding, but he had to go to work at Gramps' store. As he left he clashed against the new girl- Rose who had a dragon-shaped birthmark.

At the store Jake found out that the training was to do chores- such as cleaning the toilet, washing underwear and the floor. After hours of chores Jake returned home where he talked to his mother, Susan, that Gramps might be crazy and wished to be normal like his father, Jonathan, who was unaware that he married into a family of reptiles. Next day, as he leaves the school, Jake met Rose again, but his thoughts were interrupted by Trixie and Spud who invited him to skateboarding. Jake said that he had to help his grandfather, but then a fairy arrived giving him a letter from Lao Shi that reminded him of his chores so he decided to skip training.

Hours later Gramps and Fu Dog were at the rooftop still waiting for Jake. Then they were attacked by Huntsgirl and Huntsman who captured Gramps, but Fu Dog managed to escape into the sewers. Fu Dog went to Jake's house where he told him about the attack. Jake then shapeshifted to his dragon form, this time successfully, and flew with Fu Dog to the rooftop. There he fought against the Rose and as he did , he found out that his chores were actually training. In the middle of the fight Jake wrapped his tail in Huntsgirl arm, removed her glove and revealed her dragon-shaped birthmark (though Jake didn't notice it).

Then the Huntsman prepared to hit Jake with a plasma ball from his staff, but Jake farted fire to send the Huntsman to another building, forced Huntsgirl to retreat. Without the enemy around to find out about his true identity he reverted to his human form and was congratulated by Gramps.


  • This episode introduces the main characters, Jake Long, Luong Lao Shi, Fu Dog, Trixie and Spud as well the villains, The Huntsman, Hans Rotwood, Rose;
  • Rose and Jake will remain unaware of each other identity until the season finale, The Hunted, when Jake reveals his identity to her;
  • Fu Dog's line, "If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere" is a reference to Phil's similar line in Hercules.


  • Old School Training[1] [2] and the first episode overall. It premiered on January 21, 2005 alongside Harry Potter during the Disney Channel's "Month of Magic & Mystery".



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