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A Nix[1] is a magical creature that is harmless during the day, but becomes a soul-sucking monster when the moon reaches to the center of the night sky. The American Dragon first encountered one causing trouble in the sewers. He later found out the creature was a girl named Jasmine[2].

Physical Appearance

A Nix has two forms. The first is that of a perfectly normal human.

The second is a monstrous shape that only reveals itself once the moon reaches the center of the sky. In this form, the Nix' skin will turn entirely green. Its nails will turn into sharp, dark claws and its legs will fuse together to form a serpent's tail. A set of dark feathered wings will also come out of its back. Its ears will become pointy, fangs will grow out of its mouth, and its eyes will turn red. Its hair will also become wild and messy.

Magical Powers

Thanks to its wings, a Nix can easily fly around. Also, because of its slender serpent body, it is quite fast and agile. It is very strong physically, and can use its wings as a shield, mainly to protect itself from projectiles. Its tail can also be used as a whip. Nixes are vulnerable to fire.

The main power of the Nix is its soul-sucking ability. When stealing someone's spirit, its eyes will glow red, instantly mesmerizing its target. Then, the soul in the form of a blue fog will creep out of the victim's mouth and pour into the Nix. Those whose souls have been taken will then wonder around aimlessly, unable to show any sign of awareness or intelligence as though caught in a trance.

One way to defeat a Nix would be to pour on it a potion that makes anyone who touches it completely powerless. Another way which proved effective, as demonstrated by Jake, is to expose it to a Dragon's breath during the time it is foul at puberty, which can make the beast suffocate from the rancid smell. Once a Nix is knocked out, it will lose all the souls it stole and will transform back to its human self.

A Nix will also return to its human form once the moon sets.

Life in the Magical World

Since a Nix is often times incapable of controlling its monstrous side, it is not considered inherently evil. This is proven by the fact that Jasmine sincerely apologies to Jake about the incident involving her Nix form during the Fall Dance he had invited her in. It is to avoid these kinds of situations that Nixes often stay indoors during the night.


  • In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of the night.
  • A Nix briefly appears in the Season 1 intro of the series allied together with Jake's worst magical enemies.
  • A Nix's eyes can glow red even in its human form.
  • In Swiss and Germanic mythology, nixes are a type of water spirit/merpeople who live in freshwater rivers and lakes where they sing beautiful songs to lure people to their doom and steal their souls. Males are ugly fish-tailed beings with sharp green teeth and hair while females are beautiful and can turn their fish tails into legs. The way to recognize a nix is by the webbing in its hands and feet and the wet bits of clothing.
  • When a Nix transforms into its true form, it will be surrounded by a gust of wind that looks like a night sky filled with stars.
  • The roar of a Nix is very similar to those of dinosaurs and tigers.
  • The Nix still possesses the ability to talk in its monster form.
  • In the episode[2], the exact time Jasmine will turn into a Nix is 10:23:15 p.m. Eastern Standard time.
    • In the same episode, the Nix steals the souls of the school's entire student body as well as Lao Shi's.
  • In another episode[3], the Dragon Council mentions Jake's fiasco with the Nix.
  • A Nix is similar to a Werewolf because they both lose control due to the moon.




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