Magical Frogs are magical creature that have the power to turn people into Werebeasts when they bite people with their sharp teeth.[1]

Magical frogs have sharp teeth so they can kill their prey or turn people into WereFrogs.


They look like regular frogs that are green with a yellow belly, stand on 4 legs like a regular frog, and they have black eyes with red pupils. But in different times, the Magical Frog will turn into a big monster that stands on 2 legs, has long green hands with claws, have the same black eyes with red pupils, and the same sharp teeth and green skin with a yellow belly.


  • The episode's name is derived from the term "Shaggy dog story"
  • The term Werebeast which means that a person is half human/magical is derived from "Werewolves"


  1. The Shaggy Frog

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