Iceberg Monster

The Iceberg Monster eating a cruise ship

The Iceberg Monster is a magical creature that lives in cold environments.


The Iceberg Monster is entirely made of ice and, like its name implies and looks like an iceberg. It has a carved out mouth and two eyes, and also two arms, which can be used to grab hold of ships if they get too close.

It appeared through an astral apparition during a combat smoke simulation.[1]

Magical Powers

Not much is known about the Iceberg Monster since it is seldom seen in the series. However, it is known that it can camouflage itself into its environment, taking the form of a regular iceberg floating on the ocean. When a ship comes close to it, the Iceberg Monster will rise out of the water and attack it.


  • During Jake's combat simulation, an Iceberg Monster almost ate Jake and Rose's cruise ship;


  1. The Love Cruise

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