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Haley Gone Wild


When Jake got caught for sneaking around the House and Mr. Long builds a Groundmatic Security System and While teaching Haley how to be "bad", Jake inadvertently gets her hooked on a twisted children's television show. As his sister's rebellious behavior begins to escalate, he realizes there may be more to this show than meets the eye. Jake and Haley are grounded for sneaking out of the house.


  • Jake: Hey, mom. Jake. Yeah, I just called to tell you that me and Haley ..twice.

  • Jake: Oh, and Haley says to tell dad she's been watching that puppet show he hates.

  • Susan: You are both grounded! Grounded! Do you hear me?!
  • Jonathon: That is right, you will never leave the house again...
  • Both: Aw, man!
  • Jonathon: ...So help me, little mister and missy, you are staying here if I have to bolt you to the floor.

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