The Aztec Guardian Serpent is a giant orange snake that guards one of 13 Aztec Crystal Skulls.

Physical Appearance

The Guardian Serpent has brownish-orange scales with a paler underbelly. Its tail ends with a rattle, just like rattlesnakes. It also has feather-like crests coming out of its neck and cheeks. It has a viciously fanged mouth, two green eyes and a golden Aztec crown on top of its head. The Aztec Skull it guards is placed on that very crown.

Magical Powers

The Guardian Serpent is an extremely fast and agile creature. It whips the ground with its tail or lunges its head forward to attack. When it has captured its prey in its coils, it would squeeze it slowly and eat it mercilessly. Its scales are so hardy that they could be cut through.

If the rattle at the tip of the Serpent's tail ever tore off, it could grow back after some time.

Life in the Magical World

Because it was assigned as a guardian to an Aztec Skull, the Guardian Serpent lived in a secluded cave inside Central Park in New York City. If someone ever tries to steal its Skull, it would fight against the intruder with all of its might. It will go as far as to chase them outside of its home. If the Skull is ever definitely taken from it, the Guardian Serpent would hunt whoever stole it until it retrieved its treasure.


At the end of the encounter, the Guardian Serpent was hit on the head by the green energy beam of the Huntsman's staff weapon. It collapsed to the ground and was not seen to awaken. It is unknown if the attack killed the Guardian Serpent or not.


  • It is possible that the Guardian Serpent was based on the Mayan deity Quetzalcoatl, a feathered snake.
  • When Jake rips off the Guardian Snake's rattle, it is seen that its blood is not red but green.
  • Since the Guardian Serpent only appears at night, it is assumed to be nocturnal.
  • The Guardian Serpent also appears in "Being Human" during a flashback.

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