Game On
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Season: 2
Production code: 226
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 1, 2007
Game On is the 28th episode of season 2.


It starts with Jake having a bad day and it gets worse when he was tasked by his grandfather to take a magical artifact to a group of witches to be burn. Arriving there, he was greeted by beautiful witches. While waiting for the potion to destroy the artifact being made, a group of mountain goblins came for the artifact which ignites a fight and in the middle of the fight, Jake accidentally spilled the potion and regrets it since he was tasked by the witch to guard the device for another week while they're making another potion. Before leaving, Jake realized that it looks like a video game so he decided to try a button resulting him to go back through time before the trolls arrived. He realized that it has a the power to give "cheat code" to the owner. So he decided to use a boost strength and his strength was boosted up resulting his body to be buffed. His appereance as a buffed dragon was different. His neck was larger than his original, his arms were big and beefy unlike his previous, skinny arms. His chest and thighs were widen and muscled; and he possessed a six pack on his stomach. He later registered himself to Mr Universe, which he defeated.

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