The Hunted (199)
Clooney[1] is a Leprechaun who is very unlucky.


He was one of the magical creatures captured by the Huntsclan with Reggie, Silver, Bertha, and Jake[2]. Clooney is shown to be very unlucky. When he calls tails on his coin toss, he gets heads, and when he calls heads, he gets tails. When his thumb gets hit, a swollen red bump appears. He is allergic to pollen which makes him sneeze. Storm clouds can happen a lot when Clooney is very unlucky.

Clooney was one of the guests at Jake's Halloween party[3].


Season One


  • Another Leprechaun looks similar to Clooney but with a different voice, while he was playing a game with Fu, Gramps, a Pixie, an Ogre, and an Elf[4].
  • Clooney is balding beneath his hat.




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