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Camp Mugwomp

Camp Mugwomp


Jake, Trixie, and Spud become junior counselors at Camp Mugwomp. Jake used to go to when he was younger. Each counselor is teamed up with a group of kids, where they compete to win the Mugwomp Cup.

During one night, Brad decides to share an old campfire story, to every one. This story is about how this very same camp used to be a prison back in the civil war. And the baddest of the bad’s name was Shackles Jack. Legend has it that when all the planets align, Shackles Jack and his crew will rise from their graves as ghost. Jake’s team of kids believed the story, and ran away screaming. But Jake convinces them that ghosts are not real, and there is nothing to worry about. But what they don’t know how, is that the story was actually true, and Shackles Jack and his gang actually did rise up as ghosts.

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