Bite Father, Bite Son
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Season: 2
Production code: 227
Written by:
Chris Bowman
Directed by:
Nicholas Filippi
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
June 17, 2007


For "Take Your Child to Work Day", Jake's father brought Jake on a tour of his job, but Jonathan constantly annoyed Jake. Meanwhile, Strigoi were trying to hunt down and drink the blood of the American Dragon. They eventually found him but mistook the dragon as Jake's father, and they set up a meeting at Spud's restaurant. Spud's newly opened resturant was going to be judged by the food critic, and Trixie was with her father in a flight simulator. Jake had to lie to his father by describing the Strigoi as "clients who were acting strange." Jake then called Fu who explained their need for dragon blood.

After Jake's father used the bathroom, he was amused by Spud's various performances to impress the food critic. The Strigoi went after Jonathan, but the instrument Spud was using unintentionally redirected the sunlight and burned the Strigoi, forcing them to run. Back at the office, Jonathan explained to his boss Mr. Lockjelly what happened at the restaurant. They then rescheduled for "just after sunset" while talking to Marnie Lockjelly, Mr. Lockjelly's daughter. Marnie invited Jake to her party, but he could not make it because he "had to save time for his dad."

Marnie disagreed but Jake still refused. Jake then started telling her mean things about his father, who overheard and shamefully walked away. At the restaurant, Spud wss still trying to impress the food critic. Eventually, the food critic said he had seen enough and then walked out the door and drove off.

Fu was telling Jake that the Strigoi had been slaying dragons but they sent him in with their weakness: instant sunshine. Gramps warned Jake that his father should not see his magic, but Jake told them he found a way to stall his father by busting his car's tail light. Jake flew to Jonathan's workplace and  met the Strigoi there. Jake easily beat them until they pulled out Sphinx Hair, and it instantly weakened and incapacitated him after one of them kicked him in the face, leaving him unconscious.

Jonathan then arrived and found Jake barely councious. Furious, he went after the Strigoi while they still thought he was the dragon. Jake tried to help but was still powerless. Jonathan easily beat the Strigoi until they blocked one of his attacks. The Strigoi then knocked Jake's father unconscious and dragged him away. Meanwhile, Jake crawled over to the instant sunshine he planned to use.

Queen Liliana, the Strigoi clan's queen, prepared to feast on Jonathan, but she saw they had the wrong person. Meanwhile, Jake crawled to a frying pan and heated up the instant sunshine. Queen Liliana told them Jake was the dragon and they prepared to attack. However, after the sunshine was ready, Jake exposed them to the light and they were all burned.

Later Gramps gave Jonathan medicine, but Jake wanted to wipe his memory. Gramps told Jake why he was chosen by the Dragon Council to be the American Dragon. Jonathan awoke, but Jake got a call from Marnie and he apologized for missing her party. She asked for a raincheck, but Jake said he had other plans and told his dad they are going to Rockaway Beach.


  • In an imaginary flash-forward, it was shown that years later, Jake did the same activities that he and his father had done with his own son who looked a lot like him.