Adventures in Troll-Sitting
Adventure in Troll-Sitting (36)
Season: 1
Production code: 104
Story by:
Nathan Chew
Written by:
Jeff Goode
Directed by:
Chris Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
February 18, 2005
Paired with
Fu Dog Takes a Walk
DVD Releases:
it is not on dvd
iTunes Release:   buy now
Adventures in Troll Sitting [1][2] is the first segment of the fourth episode of season one and the sixth episode overall.


Jake is sleeping; suddenly, he is awakened by a Troll. Jake goes downstairs and says "Mom said never to let strange magical creatures in the house" but he has to let him in because he is the American Dragon and has to protect them. Jake asks the Troll who he has to protect him from, and the Troll says the sun. Jake lets him in and hides him in the shoe room.

Later, Jake's mom and dad are going to pick up his aunt. The Troll shaves in the bathroom to get ready for his date. But right after they leave his Aunt comes, so he hides the Troll in the shower. He tries to distract her to hide the Troll but nothing works, and she goes take a shower where the Troll is hiding. Jake talks loud to give the Troll a hint and he hides. When his aunt is taking a shower the Troll is hiding in the toilet and he leaves. Jake burns the Troll's fur in the sink, and the fur balls turn into monsters. At the same time Jake's parents come, he tells his sister to hide the Troll. Jake and the Troll vacuum up the fur balls and throw them out a window. But nothing can stop all the noise, they all go upstairs and Jakes sister hides the Troll in her room. Jake's mother notices that the Troll is there, but her aunt goes in thinking that they are hiding something from her. It seems that the Troll was the college student, and they leave for their date. Jake's father comments that something about Stan seems odd. The scene ends after Jake sees a monster fur ball and slaps it with his tail.


  • Jake's mother tries to tell his father about magical creature back in October 1992.



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