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Jake remembered a time at camp he failed to win a race when he was a kid due to a broken leg.

A Ghost Story
Season: 2
Production code: 219
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
June 16th, 2007

Jake, Spud, and Trixie all became councilors at camp with a couple of kids who were afraid of ghosts.

One night a diary book which belonged to an evil civil war ghost named Shackles Jack roses out, along with several other ghosts named Solitary Sam, Chain Gang Chuck, Peg Leg Pat, and two others unnamed. Their plan was to find human bodies they could possess as their own.

Spud saw Shackles Jack and his minions and that they were after a magical trophy-like cup which could grant ghosts new bodies if they had human captives. Shackles Jack captured Brad and his crew, but Jake fought the ghosts while Spud and Trixie were unable to touch them.

Jake managed to trap the ghosts and kids from the his cabin rescued Jake and the others.

Next morning, everyone was eating breakfast and Spud was stark naked because he had returned all the clothes he had been wearing to the Lost and Found.

After Brad teased Jake, Jake intentionally fixed it so that Brad was missing his clothes. Brad had to resort to wearing a towel when his father, Police Officer Morton, arrived in time time to see his son was breaking the law with Public Nudity. When he lost the towel, everyone laughed at Brad's expense.


  • In this episode Spud was seen naked and his nakedness was covered by bushes.
  • Humans cannot touch ghosts. However dragons are able touch ghosts as if solid and therefore able to attack ghosts, so long as they are in dragon-form and possess their dragon-chi.
  • Around the campfire before Brad tells the ghost story about Shackles Jack, Head Counselor Jenkins can be seen wearing the number '8' on his shirt, which should only appear in flashbacks from when Jake was a camper.